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Top Payment Gateways – Integration with ColdFusion eCommerce Website

Top Payment Gateways - Integration with ColdFusion

One of ITLANDMARK’s biggest assets is our expertise in integrating payment gateways using ColdFusion. So far, we have integrated more than 25 payment gateways to numerous ColdFusion websites/applications.

With lot of new payment gateways coming up each year, we wanted to briefly review some of the most popular payment gateways. These are as follows:


Authorize.Net is one of the most economical and reliable services, which run their own payment gateway instead of contracting it to other services. Authorize.Net have very nominal monthly fees and charge $0.10 per CC transaction which is one of the lowest in its kind. There fraud prevention tools and virtual terminal come free with the subscription.

The API provided by the company could be used to completely customize webstore. Do contact us if you require any help in this regard. Simple Checkout is an option provided by them targetting small business where the highly secure payment forms are hosted elsewhere.

This could be great for small business entities and it’s always great to conduct credit card transactions on your website to gain confidence of your customers.

Technical support is completely free for Authorize.Net customers. They could be reached via email, phone or a live chat. Do remember that they are available only from Monday to Friday – 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time).


Paypal is one of the most widely used payment gateways, as it is less problematic with merchant accounts, returned charges and credit card transactions. Some of the top payment solutions provided by Paypal are -

  • PayPal Payments Standard
  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal Payments Pro

Websites using PayPal Payments Standard could accept credit cards but customers would be required to go to Paypal website. The Advanced and Pro version would let customers stay on your website as the payment forms would be hosted on your website.

PayPal Website Payments Pro is one of the best solutions which could be used by webstores that do not have huge transaction. They could be integrated easily with nearly all popular shopping carts.
Client support at Paypal is sometimes great while it sucks at some occasions. They have a history of holding back sellers’ funds and even freezing accounts. If you want to use it then employ it as a secondary payment option.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a payment gateway provided by using which merchants could accept credit card payments on their website or on retail outlets from people who use Google wallet.

The users could pay securely at online stores with the credit card information saved on Google checkout account. It is both safe and speeds up the checkout process simulataneously.

Google Checkout is quite similar to what paypal offers for their Advanced and Pro accounts where businesses could accept payments from the checkout hosted on Google servers or via shopping cart integration with the service. Merchants would require services from experienced web developer for the API integration.

Customer support for merchants at Google is horrible as compared to their other products. You should use it only as a secondary payment gateway.


CyberSource delivers services for business owners of every size and type. This is one of the most flexible and professional payment gateway solutions encountered so far. This gateway helps optimize business results by managing every aspect in your payment operations from accepting payments to pavement security.

This complete modular system of web based assistance offers versatility to add more options when and where required. Its features include –

#Global Payment Services – Give you freedom to sell online anywhere in the world and thus give a boost to your customer reach. Merchants can accept payments in preferred local markets, transact payments in nearly 190 countries and deposit capitals in major currency trade centers, enabling every step in a single connection.

#Payment Security – Offers a wide line of services that reduce the complexity and cost of payment security. Protects your brand and builds trust.

#Fraud Management – Detects the fraud sooner and accurately, while streamlining the fraud operations.
#Reporting and Reconciliation – Provides reporting and reconciliation knacks to streamline the process operations.

Amazon Payments

Amazon payment gateway is similar to PayPal and Google Checkout processes. This payment service offers its customers the flexibility to make their payments on other websites using Amazon account.

Amazon Simple Pay is one of the Amazon services used by merchants to create, improve conversion and attract users to their application. It enables easy payment processes. It can be set as a payment option for digital goods and services like digital content, online publications and social networking.

It also offers chargeback controls, fraud detection capabilities and risk management techniques to reduce bad debts and lowers costs.

Amazon Flexible Payments Service is the primary payment services created from ground-up for developers. This is created on top of Amazon’s scalable payment infrastructure, offering developers an easy way to charge millions of buyers. Customers are required to make their payments using login credentials, payment information and shipping address which is already present in the Amazon database.


SecurePay is one of the largest payment gateways in Australia and is being operated by Australian post. This Australian Post Business is specialized in developing cost effective payment services tailored to the business needs. The payment solutions are delivered using a wide range of proven and well-tested major proprietary developed systems. With PCI-DSS compliance, this is the most secured platform.

It easily integrates the existing applications, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, shopping carts and booking engines. It builds and maintains the payment services so that the users can know where and how the payments are processed.


Stripe is comparatively a new payment gateway founded in 2010. There are no set-up fees for the service, no minimum charges and over all there are no monthly fees. Stripe charges fixed transaction fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 for all types of cards and areas. There are no fees for refunds or failed payments either. The company does have a $15 chargeback fees.
Stripe keeps the credit card information away from the merchant’s server thus eliminating the need for PCI-compliance. They however hold the money for seven days before paying it.

The company provides email support, but there is no phone or chat support which might pose some problems for merchants. Online reviews on this payment gateway provider are primarily positive and their customers are happy with their services. This service could be your first choice if you are implementing a payment processing for a moderate type of transactions.


Braintree Payment Solutions is a Chicago, Illinois based company founded in 2007. The company targets its services to e-commerce merchants and subscription based businesses.

Braintree offers PCI compliance automatically by storing the credit card information away from the merchant’s servers to its own secured servers. Re-entering the credit card information is not necessary when it comes to refund or recharge. It also lets merchants set up charges that are recurring and is done on periodic intervals. Merchants could accept payments in 134 currencies spanning 21 countries.

Transaction fees charged by the company are similar to that charged by Stripe & Paypal which is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction which is same for all credit card types. In case of disputes merchant has to bear a chargeback fees of $15. In case a merchant wants to use their payment gateway with different processor, they will then charge $49/month with 10 cents transaction fees.

You might want to consider Braintree services because they do not charge monthly fees, setup fees, PCI compliance fees and overall no cancellation fees. We could not find negative comments or reviews on them on web.


WorldPay was founded in 1989 under the name “Streamline”. The company has good presence in UK and Europe and is also active in 40 countries internationally.

Other than offering credit card processing services, the company also offers check processing, gift card processing, loyalty card services, ATM, while its online payment processing is powered by

Rates for this service are higher as compared to other providers and longer agreement for their services might not go well with small merchants. Merchants are required to signup with them with three years standard service agreement and an automatic one year renewal. The cancellation penalty is $495.
Worldpay is a very big direct processor with a wide international presence. If they could work on their penalty and auto renewing contract, they might become a preferred provider for even small and medium businesses.


Dwolla was founded in 2008 and is primarily preferred provider due to their low cost service for businesses. Their services are similar to Paypal but with a little difference. They do not charge fees for the transactions by linking consumers’ accounts with Dwolla with their checking accounts.

Dwolla eliminates fees that merchants have to bear while accepting credit cards and also eliminates transfer delays and fraud. Dwolla also provides instant cash transfers globally.

Company provides email support and has a dedicated customer support number. The company offers low cost solution for business that are low in risk. Their service is highly preferable for business to business payment.

2Checkout is best known for supporting all leading payment methods and gateway services, like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, debit card, and even PayPal.
It has two different cehckout methods
1.Standard: It displays the checkout page depending on the customer’s device, which shows as if the Checkout page is part of the merchant’s site while providing all the benefits of a hosted checkout solution.
2.Hosted checkout solution.

Any transaction entered in 2Checkout is guaranteed to be secure thanks to the platform’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Its PCI security is Level 1 certified, the highest certification possible that guarantees total protection for both merchant and customer from possible fraud.

offers integration with more than 100 online shopping carts and invoicing systems, which includes Shopify, Magento, and WP e-Commerce, among others. A suite of open API is also available that will enable your site to be integrated with 2Checkout’s powerful payment platform.

AlertPay (Payza)

Payza (formerly AlertPay) can be used by businesses and individuals to securely send and accept money anywhere in the world. Individuals can open a personal Payza account while enterprises can make use of business accounts for their larger needs. This solution performs conventional online payment processing and is similar to other payment gateways.

Payza is available in 22 currencies and is used in 190 countries. This service is especially popular in developing countries where merchants use it to send and receive money on a global scale. Top features of this solution include shopping cart integration, centralized management, payment buttons, local payment options, request funds, send funds, and secure online payments.Payza comes with all the features one expects from an online payment processing platform. The system makes it very convenient for users to send and receive money worldwide. Payza can perform many payment-related transactions and enables users to accept payments via ACH transfers, bank wires, cashier’s checks, bitcoin money orders, or credit and debit cards.

Payza management also guarantees to keep the platform as simple, international, versatile, and secure as possible. The service now caters to over 9 million users worldwide and that figure keeps on growing, giving users access to a very large customer base, which is beneficial for online merchants.


This is All-in-one Payment Platform is specifically designed to convert more shoppers to buyers by reducing checkout abandonment on the payment page and by optimizing payment approval rates behind the scenes. Over 1,000 customers worldwide trust BlueSnap to process their online payments.BlueSnap’s Platform you will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB.
This is bank agnostic which allows us to provide access to many alternative payment methods such as PayPal, SEPA, and 110 others built-in with the Platform. they also provide eWallets such as, MasterPass, Visa Checkout, Apple Pay and more. All we need is one integration with BlueSnap.

Built-in with the All-in-one Payment Platform are popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. These integrations allow you to quickly and easily process all major credit and debit card payments safely and securely. You’ll also receive the added benefit of our multiple acquiring bank relationships, which automatically increase your payment acceptance rates through the use of intelligent payment routing.

BlueSnap complies with Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), which are the highest standards in the industry. Merchants that are already compliant themselves can use our APIs to process payments without implementing any additional security measures. For merchants that opt not to obtain a Level 1 certification, BlueSnap offers several tools to simplify PCI compliance.


CardinalCommerce is a payment gateway provider that enables secure transactions and authenticated payments, and offers alternative payment brands for both mobile commerce and online eCommerce. This platform offers payment brands for thousands of global merchants.

CardinalCommerce has utilized years of feedback and experience to design suitable payment processing solutions for financial institutions and merchants. Its range of products is used by merchants in more than 200 countries and in greater than 180 currencies. Main features include universal wallet, universal PIN debit service, tokenization, mobile marketing, mobile banking, hosted payments, digital gift cards, and consumer authentication.

There is also the Universal Wallet which provides access to multiple digital wallets with a single integration, such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, MasterCard MasterPass, and Visa CheckOut. This is beneficial to consumers who can now pay safely and securely with just a few keystrokes or clicks. As far as security is concerned, users can enable tokenization to reduce PCI scope and protect the most sensitive information of their customers.


Converge is a cloud-hosted payment solution that enables businesses to accept payments online, in-store, and on the go. You can easily configure this flexible platform for your business needs.

Converge provides compatible solutions for all environments including eCommerce, mobile app, mobile Web, in-store, telephone, and traditional mail. You can use these solutions to optimize your payment processing procedures and drive long-term growth. Converge is successful because it also offers valuable integrations and affordable pricing. Key features include detailed reporting, tokenization, encryption, EMV, electronic benefit transfer, gift cards, and checks, and mobile payments.

Converge accepts a full range of payment methods, from cash, credit cards and debit cards, to other electronic payment solutions such as electronic checks, gift cards and even electronic transfers. Users can process payments not only online but also in-store through a computer, card reader, PIN pads, or other devices, and even process mail or phone payments through the system. Its mobile app is intuitive to use and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets in the market.

Converge also offers enhanced security features, including EMV, encryption, and tokenization that complies with the strictest security standards. The system is also easy to setup, so that users can start accepting payments instantly. For a more comprehensive view of the business’ sales performance, detailed reporting with up to 12 months of data storage is available to readily provide such information to gauge business performance and help formulate better strategies if necessary.

Customizable payment screens can be set up to ensure a unique customer experience that helps generate sales conversions. For businesses that have a lot of personnel such as salespeople, permission management is available for up to 5,000 users who may need to access the system at any time from any device.

We have expertise to integrate all the above payment gateway providers with your shopping cart. Do contact us in case you require any custom services in Coldfusion.

Shipping Rates Calculator – Should you go with Real time Shipping Costs or Downloaded Rates Chart

shipping main

Looking to set a desired profit while making your online business a bit easier? Then look no further than creating and managing the flawless shipping cost program, remember shipping cost can hit or miss your business. So estimating the rate of shipping charges is a vital part of running a successful e-commerce business.

It requires attention and careful analysis of several factors while calculating the shipping rate to charge customers. For example, when a user makes purchases from your store, you must be able to find your customer’ location, the amount of shipping to be added, shipment methods and the preferred shippers.

As an e-commerce based company owner, finding the right way to calculate shipping rate – perhaps through real-time approach or rate chart helps you balance your business budget – this is sure going to be an intelligent and interesting move for your business. However, this may raise notable questions. Well lets see what all the possible ways can an e-commerce business use to calculate the shipping costs without the hassle of competing for a cream of market space.

There are surplus Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and much more to assist you in streamlining the process of shipments, managing both price and reliability of the service. Whatever your business is – small or big, you should select shipping API with guaranteeing delivery date irrespective of the circumstances.

A question may pop up in your mind – whether to rely on real-time API that provides updated shipping rates or rates chart that presents fixed rates to take your business to the next level. This article will explain you — how shipping rate calculators make it easy for e-commerce entrepreneurs to find right shipping details – what to choose between real-time shipping calculator and rates chart calculator.

What should a business look for while conducting e-commerce with gateway option?
Selling online is the most lucrative business as it makes easy for merchants to create and maintain internet business all over the world. But the following are a few factors that an e-commerce website owner should look at:

  • Getting a rate quote for shipping
  • Visiting respective account of your shipping company
  • Selecting appropriate options, prices or facilities provided
  • Viewing shipment density
  • Tracking and confirming delivery information
  • Verifying address information etc.

Well, the above responsibilities shouldn’t seem to be a hassle-job for you. Collaborating innovation with right solution to make you run successful e-commerce site in a hassle-free way starts here — @ ITLandmark. We allow you to integrate flexible shipping APIs into your e-commerce website or any application in minutes! Contact us.

Real-time shipping Calculator API
There are plenty of API shipping methods available from one of the most popular shipping service – United States Postal Service (USPS) alone to integrate a variety of web tools into your e-commerce site. Likewise, you can also integrate various API’s from other shipping companies that perfectly match your business requirements. However, most shipping APIs have the common features. Let’s see a few.

1. Calculates mailing cost
Real-time rate calculation — shipping API is available to calculate both domestic and international ratings. Depending on the source and destination information, a real-time shipping API allows website owners to estimate the total shipping cost so that online users who wish to make online purchase will be able to get the mailing cost before they commit to an order.

2. Estimate pricing
After you enter all the required details in your account, the total estimation of the charges may be higher or lower, the price varies depending on several factors — seasonal time, change in shipping companies’ rate per package weight, discounts offered and destination. So whatever such alterations may be added to the program, when users hit the ordering system (API), an updated estimation of price is generated.

3. Shipment tracking
APIs incorporated with the GPRS facility provides tracking visibility of your shipping package right from the origin to the destination address. This advanced features ensure carrier delivery scan.

Rates chart shipping API
The important task of running an online business is making sure your shipments are delivered to your customers on time. If this is not happening, you can lose your time, money and most importantly business sales as any delay in estimating shipping cost can blow your customer’s stack. So before making further complications, a business need to keep back-up source of rates chart that estimates near-real-time shipping costs.

Hope, you understand the need for shipping API integration into your website along with a scalable backup solution i.e. rates chart database to be used in case an existing API system fails.

Want to know how to integrate both applications or have difficulty in creating and maintaining shipping solution in the website during busier times? Do call us – we offer complete integration of advanced features plus easily-accessible customized option to estimate shipping rates matching to your shipping needs!

Pinterest for E-commerce – Best Way to Leverage your Sales

Pinterest Ecommerce

When looking to head today’s global market, do not blindly follow the tactics that have been long-used or said to enhance your sales, instead be practical and genuinely select the right revenue generating methods for your e-commerce business. A simple idea yet most outdated business lack in – failure in converting Pinterest traffic to e-commerce sales.

In the last 6 months, this social site has quickly evolved to be very hot by growing its user-base about 50% of a large number of active users. Businesses’ today are using Pinterest as one of the most revenue generating social platform – Pinterest users are not just pinning or re-pinning the pictures, but they are purchasing them.

So if your e-commerce business lacks the ability to drive Pinterest traffic into conversions then there will be no space in this competitive market. Should e- commerce business and any digital company unlock the benefits of Pinterest? Obviously the answer is YES. Let’s see how.

Capitalize on the potential of Pinterest
Pinterest, very popular for images is an extremely powerful social site that can leverage business sales drastically, but a huge number of digital marketers or online businesses are not taking advantage of this potential channel. If you haven’t started using this channel, hurry up and implement today.

By simply targeting on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to drive Google’s ad revenue exponentially is not a good idea as it involves huge budget and is a time-consuming process. You need to understand the demand for creating a user-friendly website integrating with most authoritative channel – Pinterest. This channel is becoming nowhere less to Google PLAs program with the introduction of the Rich Pins program a few months back. This is an innovative way to let advertisers include product price and available info about it.

In addition to it, online business or e-commerce company can exploit another feature of Pinterest i.e. Product translation (this analytics package features an option to view how users are interacting with pins).

Why increasing the Pinterest revenue is crucial?
The answer is very simple: Pinning all the products help in maximizing your business conversion rate and attract a great number of buy mode customers. So to capitalize on this Rich Pin program simply format your e-commerce site using the Pinterest validation tool. How to format product using Pinterest? It is very easy – try using one of these two below mentioned methods: Semantic Markup and oEmbed.

How-to format your product description effectively?
A proper formatting of the product is vital else the product image gets rejected by Pinterest. Another option to get your product listed on the top – match both category and sub-category with your brand board.

First, ensure that you pin your own products, but this shouldn’t be a mass product pinning. However, sharing other’s quality information which could be useful to your user base can be very beneficial for your e-commerce business.

Next, be sure to post related images in your Pinterest account as search engines and social media users won’t entertain mass amount of products or spammed data.

Finally, based on the potential revenue prioritize your product image and upload them on to this channel accordingly, this is one great way to pin a product while being able to leverage your business revenue.

Want to turn your e-commerce site visitors into customers and true believers? Contact us! We provide a range of options to enhance your existing or new e-store to the best multi-label store.

Is it Important to turn your ColdFusion eCommerce website PCI Compliant

pci complientReliable service providers are very prominent to ensure compliance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The best way a business owner can help their website reduce the risk of PCI obligations and data breach is to outsource to a PCI compliant service provider.

It is your inbuilt responsibility to acquire services with the right solutions. We at ITLANDMARK help you with the best PCI compliant services in order to ensure you safeguard card holders’ data.

Few IT Specialists have the belief that turning the website PCI compliant is just a small drop in the ocean when looked upon broader side of website and data security. But is this to be worried? We believe that there is no point of worrying because there is nothing in the world that is completely secure or nothing can be guaranteed that it will never ever fail.

Let us take a simple comparison so that this concept is understood better –

Imagine installing gutters in newly constructed house and this is like turning your website PCI compliant. Can they be guaranteed that water will not drip into the walls? No, however, they surely protect the home from water and rain. In the same way, a PCI compliant website will provide a good baseline for your web system security.

PCI Compliance on your Website

The PCI DSS requires any website or company that processes and holds the card data so to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the data. PCI compliance was created to hold back the customers’ credit card data to abate thefts, frauds, hacking and other vulnerabilities.

Most of the websites still lack PCI compliance even though the rates are improving. But, it is necessary to integrate in your websites when you accept online card payments.

The fundamental steps to be implemented for the websites to get PCI complaint or exceed PCI data security standards include -

  • Protect customers’ card data
  • Create and maintain a secure network
  • Schedule vulnerability scans to confirm data security
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Monitor and test networks on regular basis
  • Implement strong access control measures

Not only the above essentials, but also the business owner should fill a self assessment questionnaire, an up to date written security policy and have his/her website scanned and progressed an authorized PCI compliance certified vendor.

Worried about online security? Yes. Fraud is going high causing a great impact on business owners and customers. Thankfully, we catered our services to many businesses to become PCI compliant to protect them from vulnerabilities.

If you have any more queries regarding PCI compliance, let us know by filling the contact form below or call us directly at 1.800.383.5095.

Best ColdFusion Shopping Cart (eCommerce) Software

ColdFusion Shopping Cart SoftwareHaving a ColdFusion Shopping Cart will help business merchants to manage their order process smoothly. Ecommerce shopping cart with multiple payment methods would be an added advantage for the business to reach a wider shopper group who seek other alternative ways of payments upon purchases.

In today’s eCommerce world, online shopping cart is very important way of internet marketing. This helps to create a brand value to your products globally. We at ITLANDMARK help you build custom ColdFusion shopping cart solutions.

Primarily, we will know about the following few ColdFusion shopping cart solutions.


Slatwall is very sophisticated and powerful digital commerce platform. It is designed to ensure maximum flexibility which enables the user to upgrade marketing strategies.It is very easy to integrate with other systems.
It can be used for Inventory Management, Vendor Ordering, Subscription Management as part of commerce integration into our system.

Slatwall provides two possible integrations methods one is RESTful API and Slatwall integration through the SlatwallScope.SlatwallScope is single API entry point and convention based architecture.We can use the basic SlatwallScope structure in any languages we need.

Slatwall operates on a JVM so it will be very easy to deploy test instance and use for the production environment on Mac, Windows, Linux or Unix.


cf_ezcart ColdFusion shopping cart is a simple, easy to integrate, search engine friendly ColdFusion powered eCommerce solution. This has been created by Tropical web creations, Inc Company.


SiteDirector is powerful, robust, easy to use and flexible shopping cart software created on Adobe’s ColdFusion. With varied features it provides, the business owner can be assured that his/her shopping cart experience will be successful.

Both cf_ezcart and SiteDirector can be customized on your request based on your business needs. We at ITLANDMARK can surely help you customizing the shopping cart solution for your businesses.


Cartweaver 4 is the chief ColdFusion Shopping Cart, PHP Shopping Cart for web developers, all novice to advanced. It uses Adobe Dreamweaver, CFBuilder, Eclipse or other web code editors. You don’t have to know the code to use cartweaver and develop your online store. all you need is to just learn few things along the way. However, a good working knowledge on html/css using Adobe Dreamweaver or Eclipse is required.

Cartweaver eCommerce is a complete robust package. This software is supported by powerful functionality, yet their implementation is very easy to customize. The code is structured to be versatile, easily modifiable and reusable. It works with both PHP and Coldfusion. From a point of functionality, these both versions are same.

The latest version Cartweaver 4.02 is an user-friendly superior eCommerce platform which is the right solution for anyone. With just a few simple clicks, the shopping cart will be installed.


CFWebstore is a completely integrated web storefront where you can customize the template and can create your own custom store. It keeps adding new features and improvements and a ease to maintain software. This is more than a shopping cart with its advanced features such as membership functions, batch order processing, role based administration, delayed CC capture plus more.


AmpleShop is a complete ColdFusion shopping cart and eCommerce solution. It includes a built-in CMS via a WYSIWYG editor. Also easy to use browser based owner administration feature provides quicker shop building. It is flexible software to adapt your online businesses.


Shopping Cart Store Builder –™ is a Cloud Hosted shopping cart and e-commerce store builder that instantly adds shopping carts to any web site.

There are three must have payment strategies that should be present with your cart and choosing for any of these above ColdFusion shopping cart solutions will surely help you in offering those. They include –

Real-time credit cards
Shoppers usually use credit cards to make their payments since it is a convenient method. Therefore the cart should be able to accept credit card payments. Also these carts ensure a smooth payment without any complications. No one desires to spend long hours figuring out the payment and it should be done as quickly as possible.

Able to receive offline payments
There are still customers who prefer money transaction through cheques and cash. The shopping cart should include this option so that these groups of customers are not kept at bay.

Multiple currency payments
Internet marketing thrives with varied customers of various cultures and each country has their own currency. Hence it is a prerequisite to check whether your site is able to accept multiple currency payments. You should always mention these issues when you handle your businesses for integrating shopping cart services.

At ITLANDMARK, we offer eCommerce shopping cart solutions that includes eCommerce shopping cart development, online shopping cart solution, online shopping cart development, custom shopping cart development services therefore making your ecommerce website a user friendly one.

We are a professional web development company providing services including website design, search engine optimization, custom software development, CMS, CRM, payment gateway integration and many more.

If you have any queries regarding our ecommerce solutions, need help with installing shopping carts or need custom built ColdFusion shopping cart software, you can contact us through the contact form deployed on this page. You can even call us on 1.800.383.5095 for our immediate services.