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Top Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile eCommerce

mobile eCommerce

We have already discussed in one of our previous articles that nearly 1.7 billion mobiles will be in use by the end of this year. eCommerce is going mobile in a big way and most of the customers want to research and buy products through mobile devices. For this, you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Especially, web developers have to become lot more sensible when it comes to establish mobile friendly websites for their online businesses. It is very important to have an optimized mobile site when users arrive to your site. This article emphasizes on top mistakes usually business owners make when giving their website a mobile presence.

Wrong Perception on your users

Functionality is not just the only thing to consider when designing your mobile strategy. Yes, you want a site that is viewable and scalable on a Smartphone or any other mobile. However, the important factors to consider prior to that are to know your users and how they use your site.

Check the profiles of the mobile users – what they are shopping, from where they are accessing, what device they are using and what they need from your website. Only after getting a clear picture of these, you can design the best site for your users. We at ITLANDMARK offer you eCommerce solutions making the website mobile friendly.

Not providing a mobile site

Using a Smartphone is different from using a tablet for shopping. Being a retailer, you should accordingly make your website.

Shopping experience in Smartphone is simple and direct. Whereas, in tablets, there is a potential for rich media experience. Also adding videos to your tablet website can be a great start, as tablets offer a perfect view.

Overcomplicating the shopping experience

eCommerce site should be simple to use and navigate, and this is highly important for a mobile site. Sometimes, there will be over clutter in pages with many links and categories. People do not waste their time going through links and usually avoid browsing an overcomplicated site. Also, the check out process is important and need to be easy for the shopper.

Bloated sites

Most of the people having 3G connections, therefore struggle to cope up with slow internet speed and a limited bandwidth allowance. In this case, mobile sites with large pictures are really disastrous. Therefore a good architecture is essential in your site.

Ignoring the marketing emails

You may be sending marketing emails to get users for your eCommerce website. But, you should make sure you optimize them for mobile. If the users are unable to read your emails, then they are of no use and your site will not get planned visitors. Do not give up the best opportunity to generate high traffic leading to conversions. While working on them, direct them to mobile website itself.

Are you having a bad mobile eCommerce site? Is it having these potholes for which your business is not up to the expectations? ITLANDMARK would be the right place for you to make your eCommerce site mobile friendly. Whatever are your requirements, we can easily tailor them with our exclusive services.

What To Consider When Migrating eCommerce Platforms

ecommerce platforms

Are you going through a situation where in your present eCommerce solution is not developing as fast as you wanted it to grow? This may happen due to inactive developers, old technology usage, custom CMS not likely supported by developers and more.

Whatever it may be, this is good for your competitors and bad for your business. In this situation, it is worth to consider migrating to new eCommerce platform, which supports all the new technologies. Our ITLANDMARK can be one of your one stop solutions for your eCommerce businesses.

Many of our potential clients face biggest challenge in navigating and selecting new platforms. However, we do our best to help them and always look for the ways to improve their eCommerce websites.

Migrating to new eCommerce Platforms

In a recent IRCE study shared by John Kinsella, SVP of Strategy for FitForCommerce, it was found that more than half of retailers’ i.e. 60% of them switch to eCommerce platforms in the next 1-2 years. The reasons behind the migration are budget and mobile.

Flexibility was the prime reason for migrating to new eCommerce platform. This was emphasized by Debra Jensen, the VP and CIO for Charlotte Russe, a clothing retailer. Some platforms were outsourced completely, that means the speed to make any change was very slow, and thus had an impact on business growth.

What to Consider when Migrating?

You need to consider few factors when you have decided to migrate or replatform. Firstly, know what you require and the critical elements you need to have in the platform. Be very clear in listing out all the requirements for your online business. Also make sure to consider what is necessary in the front end and back end as well for implementation. Here are a few definite questions to consider or ask –

  • How often you introduce new features?
  • What is the product’s competitive status over other packages?
  • Can third party products be used in your platform?
  • Reporting capabilities?

Once you narrow your choices, review your profit and loss statement. Only after going through all the associated costs, that include hosting, ongoing resources and implementation, you can bid your eCommerce systems to our ITLANDMARK eCommerce platform.

Certain specific areas to review when you give your website for new eCommerce platform are –

  • SEM and URLs
  • Continuity programs
  • Account names and Shipping carts
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Transactional Email Communications

In any case, it is up to you whether to migrate to a new platform or stick to current eCommerce solutions. The option always lies in you whether you want your business to exceed the actual possibilities of the current solutions.

Migrating your website can definitely present you more challenges, but we work to ease the transition and help your website run smoothly without any hassles. We have deployed a contact form on this page by which you can get in contact with us for our valuable services.

What SEO Features should you look for when Choosing an Ecommerce Solution

seo eCommerceSEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a very important role in the success of any eCommerce website. What if you already have an eCommerce website and it is not being ranked on Google? How will the customers visit your site which is your main target behind creating an online store? For this, you need to find a good eCommerce platform that can help your online businesses get potential customers.

We at ITLANDMARK can make this an easy job as we offer the best SEO services for your eCommerce website. Here we don’t just claim ours to be the best SEO service offering solutions, but we have proved it by offering SEO services to many websites so far.

If you are not sure still, then you can best compare the SEO features with the list of must to have 20 SEO features.

SEO features to look for when choosing our ITLANDMARK eCommerce solution or any other eCommerce solutions:

1. SEO-Friendly URLs
The eCommerce platform should be able to hold fixed, keyword-rich URLs.

For instance, if the platform offers URLs like below, then it is said to be a poor one.

  • /p-24601.html
  • /category.php?id=24
  • /product.php?id=24601

On the contrary, it has URL like below, then it is said to be a good one.

  • /les-miserables-dvd-24601.html
  • /Americans-dvd-22245.html

2. Granular Page Title Control
This is one of the vital features of a good SEO. It allows modifying page titles for various pages and also category page titles. But some bad platforms allow modifying of product page titles but not category page titles.

3. 301 Redirects
Choose an eCommerce platform that allows you setting the 301 redirects. Many of the eCommerce websites often delete pages when the products are discontinued or categories are changed. However, 301 redirects allow the visitors to land into a new page from the deleted page.

4. Canonicalization
Canonicalization indexes and ranks the content which can be viewed with multiple URLs. For instance, a particular page could be accessible through different URLs.

The primary URL version can be given by using <link rel=”canonical” href=”” />. This can avoid duplicating of the content and adds link juice to the primary web address. Always ensure that your eCommerce platform will support at least these following two changes –

Choose the primary or preferred domain. If you want to your site to be or, 301 redirects can help the alternate version to direct to preferred version.

Set a canonical URL for every page so that it is displayed in Google SERPs

5. Flexible Taxonomy Options
A well built brand and category taxonomy can help your site navigation and also improves SEO. Optimizing the brand pages for branded keywords can bring high conversion rates.

6. Search-Friendly Navigation Structure
You need to opt for a navigation structure that meets all the SEO criteria like:

  • Primary navigation links are text, but not images
  • Site should be able to navigate without JavaScript or Flash
  • Superfluous pr duplicate links should be kept to a minimum
  • Navigation menus should be edited at the individual link level

7. XML Sitemaps
These are structured formats that tell the search engine about the pages in the website, their relative importance and how often they are updated. This is another good way to make your site crawl by the search engine.

For more complex websites, an automated XML sitemap generating SEO platform is required so that it gets updated easily.

SEO Features which are useful for many of the eCommerce websites:

8. Robots Meta Tag
The robots meta tag allows you to use granular page specific approach in controlling how an individual page should be indexed to users on search engine. You should find an eCommerce platform that allows you to set individual pages to display the meta tag.

9. Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking
Many eCommerce platforms do not support Google analytics on the profile settings page for the website. When you give your online website for eCommerce solutions, then you should better ask for a platform that supports “Google Analytics eCommerce transaction tracking”.

Though this is not a strict feature in SEO, it allows making better SEO decisions.

10. Blog
Content marketing system (CMS) is also another effective strategy for creating back links, for this a blog is an important tool. Go for platform that provides a full featured blogging and social sharing.

11. Custom Landing Pages
An eCommerce platform which builds custom landing pages, allows targeting of more keywords and custom,-tailor pages to reach specific market groups.

12. Robots.txt Control
A robot.txt file helps you to specify URLs or directories which robots should not crawl. This is helpful for stopping search engines from crawling those non-HTML files not supported by robots meat tag. Though Google will not crawl these files, they will display the web addresses in SERPs.

13. Site Speed
Fast loading websites are good for users, SEO and also gains higher conversion rates.

When you wanted to choose self-hosted software, look for an eCommerce platform with efficient code, that’s fast and has the ability to implement best practices of Google performance. Consider to run your site on the most dedicated server.

When you are choosing a hosted eCommerce platform, you won’t be able to find the server side code and also the ability to implement best practices of Google performance.

14. Authorship Markup
Go for an eCommerce platform that makes it easier to add authorship markup to content pages. The rel=”author” tag has a high impact on SERP CTRs and its ranking factor in SEO is quite high.

15. Google Analytics Site Search
The eCommerce site should help the users to search products on the site. simply returning results is not just needed, but the platform should be integrated with Google analytics site search feature. This can provide you report of the keywords the users searched and this data can add value to keyword research.

16. Alt Tag Control
Go for an eCommerce platform that allows editing the alt tags for individual images.

17. Markup markup is a collection of HTML tags which search engine uses to improve their results in SERPs. It offers tags for products, ratings, reviews and many other objects.

18. Frictionless Social Sharing
Your eCommerce website should be optimized for social sharing as social media plays an important role in SEO. It includes –

  • Displaying social share buttons to encourage users to share product pages
  • Open Graph Protocol that enables any page to become rich object in social graph. When the site is being supported by this, soon after the share button is clicked, it easily specifies the image, title and URL

19. Granular Meta Description Control
Though meta descriptions will not influence the ranking directly, they can influence SERP click through ratings. A platform that allows editing meta descriptions for each page is useful.

20. Rich Content Category Pages
Most of the platforms neglect adding content to the category pages, which is not at all good. A good eCommerce platform allows you to add content, embed media like videos and images on category pages also. This benefits users as well as search engines.

ITLANDMARK has cost effective SEO solutions for your online business.

Want to choose our unique solutions for your website? Here is a Contact Form deployed on this page through which you can give your queries or ask for solutions. We offer each of these features an eCommerce website requires.

10 Questions to Ask When Creating an Online Store


When it comes to create an online store, there are certain general questions you need to ask yourself before starting any build. Having them answered may be helpful for the designer, to estimate accurately how to put in the site. These are also helpful for the clients in raising awareness to potential issues and thus clarifying the project parameters.

Most of the clients new to eCommerce simply need a website or an online store that fetches them high traffic and sells many products. Every website owner wants this.

The U.S online retail sales grew 12.6 % to $ 176.2 billion in the year 2010. This is expected to reach $ 276.9 billion by the year 2015. These statistics were according to Cambridge, Mass-based technology and market research company Forrester Research.

It may be really a tough task for your small businesses or start-ups to create an online store. We, at ITLANDMARK, can help you design and maintain an online store at a very simple budget.

Right, this article pens down few questions that you should probably ask yourselves as a business owner when wanted an online store:

How should I plan effectively to market my site?

You may be in a perception “I am only focused on my website becoming live. I will try to figure out on how to generate leads online after creating the site” This is a complete wrong. What can you expect from your site when no one is interested to come to it? This is the most neglected question for any new site. For the online site to run successful, a good marketing strategy is required.

Do I have a merchant account and payment gateway?

Most of the small business holders have no proper clue on how online transactions occur. If you are building up online stores, you need to register a merchant account and payment gateway as well to process online transactions. We, at ITLANDMARK are dedicated to offer payment gateway integration services along with building your online site.

How will I determine shipping costs?

Shipping plays a valuable role in profitable online stores. Setting too high or too low rates can both wreck your eCommerce site. Charging too low can bring you no profits and charging too high can skyrocket your cart abandonment rate. By figuring out how correctly you can streamline your shipping costs, you can save money, time and as well as customers.

How well can I handle customer service?

For this a reliable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is required. We are also expertise in offering high quality CRM implementation for your online site.

Heather Peterson, the founder of Girl Charlee Inc., Calif-based online wholesaler and retailer of vintage and rare knit fabrics suggests acquiring a toll free number solely dedicated to customers. Another alternative is to put up a live chat in the online store that can be operated 24/7.

How do I compose good product images and features?

Online customers who visit your site will not touch, feel or smell your product. A clear and crisp image is alone required.

The product features should be quite interesting with short details mentioned in points. The phrases and adjectives used should evoke a person to buy your product. In addition, over boasting of your site will not be helpful in anyway.

Can I allow customer feedback and social marketing?

Giving the users the chance to comment on the product and leave ratings can improve their confidence levels on the site. Positive feedback and social sharing can make high sales. We also help you with reliable eCommerce services through which you can make good sales.

How will I manage with the site content?

We are one of the eCommerce platforms with great CMS (Content Management Systems) services that will help you build quality content. We deliver our clients expanded businesses. This also includes updating products, pages, shipping and more.

How can I start attracting customers?

Once the store is set and goes live, start sharing about it both online and off. Creating Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube accounts exhibiting your site can be of good help. Updating the online site regularly can bring more traffic through deals and promotions.
For all of these above activities, an eCommerce service offering platform is very much required. Mainly SEO tactics are needed and you can be provided with best SEO services at our ITLANDMARK solutions.

How can I handle returns?

Dealing with returns is very important. Once you give your project to us, there is no need for you to worry as we work effectively on replacing merchandise, restocking your inventory and sending emails to shoppers about the return status.

Is it possible for me to track my store’s success?

Yes, it is possible to track your online store’s performance every now and then through Google analytics and other tools. We help you know the analytics and how to keep track of them. This also tells you as to how many people visited your online store, how often they visited, from where they visited and what products they purchased.

These are the most probable questions and there is an answer for every query from us. We at ITLANDMARK can offer you services including website designing, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, CMS, CRM, payment gateways integration, and more. We help you create an innovative and efficient website with our latest ColdFusion versions.

Here is a Contact Form deployed on this page to get in touch with us. Fill your query and anything regarding building your new online store for our valued services. We assure you to offer best services for your online business to reach heights.

Building a Scalable e-Commerce solution using ColdFusion

Designing an e-commerce website is a challenging project as it involves online shopping carts, affiliate selling, advertising, affiliate links and many more. We at ITLANDMARK, with our team of experts help you in building a scalable e-commerce solution using ColdFusion technology.

We are dedicated to undertake the web development of your e-commerce project where you can brand each of your business aspects. This can be your one stop solution where in cutting edge systems and techniques are applied, integrating all related aspects in e-commerce to create a brand name for you where in you can amble your online shop.

Using scalable e-commerce solutions is an easier way to build an e-commerce website. Scalable e-commerce offers you the ability to begin a standard solution and later add other modules so as to build your solutions according to the business needs. This kind of e-commerce solutions is best for smb or sme where in they adapt their solutions with the growing business.

Here is a chart that represents ColdFusion web development usage over a period of time by a large selection of e-commerce websites examined by BulitWith Trends (weekly updates information on popular technology used in web).


Developing or customizing Shopping Carts

We are there to develop feature rich, user friendly and secure ColdFusion shopping cart which can be optimized according to your unique business needs. Features such as gift coupons, seasonal discounts and discount coupons can easily be incorporated.

Intelligent Navigation
We take an extra care for proper navigation feature in your site. This is a place where many online stores falter, therefore losing their businesses. If your navigation is not proper, a user will not at all be interested to visit the site.

security featuresInfinite products
Our ColdFusion team of specialists will analyze the product list and range in such a way that they can be showed well without any disorientation.

Security features
Our ColdFusion e-commerce solutions ensure that online transactions are highly secure and customers have no limitations in giving the information. We use 128-bit SSL encryption for highest level of protection where your credit card or other confidential transactions are shared.

SEO friendly website
We offer site programming techniques and ensure that they yield search engine rankings. It is directly proportionate to high traffic volumes and thus higher sales

shipping integrationShipping integration
The e-commerce shopping cart is integrated with shipping company so as to provide the real time shipping facts to the customers.

Supports all payment gateways
The ColdFusion web application is more advantageous as it can be integrated with all major payment gateways like paypal, .net etc

There are also e-commerce solutions that limit you with what you added. But, if you have no intention of growing your business, then this would be fine. However, we all know we want to make money out of our e-commerce website and want to implement all the essential needs. For this you need to go for a scalable e-commerce website or else you may be at risk of losing.

The ITLANDMARK solutions with its ColdFusion web development technology offers a standard platform where in it adds new functionality to your online business as it grows. Your business requirements can be easily tailored with our ColdFusion solutions, providing versatility in your website. Nearly, 35% of our workforce is lonely dedicated to research and development that means your e-commerce website will be at the cutting edge of the technology.