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Replace Flash Player with HTML5 Player on your ColdFusion Website – Make it compatible with Smart Phones & Tablets

HTML 5 Player - Alternative to Flash Player on Smart Phones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc


Recently, we have been getting lot of requests saying the flash components (audio, video players, banners, etc) integrated on their ColdFusion Website / Application are not working on smart phones and tablets. True, while there are workarounds to make flash work on Android, it is absolutely not compatible with the most popular iOS (iPhone / iPad) and many other smart phones / tablets.

So, how do we resolve it? No need to panic. There is this alternative called HTML 5, a new web standard which has been adopted by Google, Apple and many others. It lets us create advanced graphics, animations, etc without any third party browser plug-ins (like Flash). This is very easy to integrate as well. Phew…

But, there are other problems like ‘not all the browsers accept same video format’, ‘not all videos (like HD) can be played on all the browsers’, etc to deal with. Here comes the need for a team who can work on HTML 5, Videos/Animations, ColdFusion to replace Flash and integrate HTML5 player on ColdFusion Website / Application so you need not worry about any more compatibility issues.

If you are in need of such help, please contact us.

Building a Scalable CRM Solution using ColdFusion

crmBe it any organization, building a keen relationship with the customers is important so as to enhance customer satisfaction. CRM, the Customer Relationship Management associates the effort of finding, obtaining, developing and maintaining customers and thereby improving customer loyalty to the brand.

With our ITLANDMARK’s CRM, we can assure to seek information and cater customers quicker without any compromise on service quality. We are expertise in developing an Open Source CRM Application that can help you in streamlining your business methods, improving marketing effectiveness, increased business performance and total customer satisfaction.

Our chief objective is to provide a CRM solution which meets the demanding needs of your businesses in marketing, sales, team management and many more.

Why ITLANDMARK can be your one stop solutions for CRM solutions?

We have attained high quality CRM implementation expertise by assisting various clients across the globe. Our expert team will strive to build such a solution that will not only fulfill your present needs, but also gives a way to incorporate new functionality in the days to come.

Our ITLANDMARK CRM solutions focus at –

  • Building up customer satisfaction and retain them for long period
  • Helping you to lower the customer management cost by building your data management process
  • Providing effective pipeline management services
  • Facilitates marketing processes i.e. entire sales process and works to close the deal quickly
  • Creating brand value for your businesses
  • Gathering important customer data, their details and histories
  • Securing integration between various businesses by facilitating two way data sharing

Scalability for your CRM Solution

By building scalable CRM solutions, your CRM software can progress in time with your business. Whether you wanted to add certain new features, remove some unnecessary modules or a complete restoration, here we have the experienced custom programmers and designers at ITLANDMARK, where you can get through with us by a simple phone call.

Business keeps changing often. No matter what kind of business you are into, change is to be expected at one point of the time. In case your business had made a significant investment in off-the-shelf application i.e. CRM recently, that period of change can be difficult.

The CRM application, whether it is an analytical web-based or an operational for sales force administration and customer tracking; it cannot always adapt to changes. The CRM software that is prepackaged has its own limits and is difficult to customize as per the changing needs occasionally.

Our custom programmers are always there in case your CRM application is to be modified or tweaked. With our innate history of atypical customer service and cutting edge programming, we strive to modify and expand your CRM application without any hassles.

Are you in austere search for efficient, secure, flexible, easy to use, steady and scalable CRM solutions which can gain you revenue, contact us through the form deployed on this page. Or else you can also give us a call for immediate services.

Migrating to ColdFusion 10, What Should I Know?

coldfusion 10ColdFusion 10 is a rich version of ColdFusion that focuses on ease of use, productivity and security. During 1990′s ColdFusion was a pioneer in web scripting technology and acquired a lot of popularity. It eased the developers to create dynamic web based applications.

Though it is a very popular web development technology, there arouse a high competition from platforms like Java and Dot Net which used web scripting languages like JSP and ASP.Net. This created alternative channels for corporations either to move to other available technologies or maintain their existing ColdFusion applications.

However, there are still many organizations that choose to stay in ColdFusion with the belief and faith on this web development technology.

From the time Adobe has taken ColdFusion, there was a huge progress in this web technology. Many versions were updated in a very short span of time. This rapid progress made many websites to get updated so as to reach heights in the respective businesses.

While migrating to ColdFusion 10, you should be aware of its amazing features and also the reasons behind your upgrading. We, at ITLANDMARK, offer avant-garde ColdFusion 10 version to upgrade your website.

Latest Important Features in ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion 10′s stunning features allows the coders to create web applications which are highly interactive, dynamic, mobile functional and enhanced. The important features include:

HTML 5 – This new marker language allows the developers to create rich user applications using the web interactive applications such as web based games, social networking, e-commerce solutions and podcasts.

Tomcat Application – With the latest release of Apache Tomcat application that takes the place of Adobe JRun, the developers can improve the handling of their respective projects by creating cache of pages. Tomcat tools allow managing and developing websites more quickly.

Higher Security – Security has become a major concern with so many wireless gadgets on the market. ColdFusion 10 provides more security in this aspect. It also involves clearing of virus and filters security attacks.

Language Improvements – The code readability and quality is enhanced and as well the scripting support. This allows the completion of the project more quickly as it gives the ability to condense the large codes.

Contact US for more information on upgrading your website to ColdFusion 10. We offer expert services to clients not only in migrations, but also in development, modernization and application maintenance. Our development team can very well build engaging user application for your businesses.

Go Mobi – Make Your ColdFusion Website Mobile Friendly

Does this question bother you – “What if my website is already viewed on a mobile, then why the hell am I still landed here?’ The answer to this quite simple, yes you have a website, but did you make your website mobile friendly? Is it usable by the target customers?

Just have a look around on any mall, in any terminal or even around the conference table at work and you are obligated to find many individuals adhered to their Smartphone.

As software developers improve their web networks, the hardware engineers have also geared up to produce custom-friendly applications in Smartphones and tablets to easily browse the Internet anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is very important that your businesses have a mobile friendly website, thereby increasing the comfort level of your users.

As per survey made by industry foresights, there will be nearly 1.7 billion mobile web users by the end of this year. It’s time your website is mobile friendly and you would have at least few Smartphone users visiting your website and viewing on screen that is just a few inches.

We, at ITLANDMARK, offer you avant garde ColdFusion web development application to upgrade your website making it user-friendly on a broader sense.

Why is a Mobile Friendly Website so Important?

Your business should target customers from all walks of life. For this, your website should be accessible through mobile devices. It is always good that you make a good mobile impression among the users.

A tactful mobile site would be great for your business. is regarded to be the top destination for mobile shoppers. It was ranked 85 points out of 100 in scoring the favorite mobile shopping site.

The infographic below very clearly shows the conflict for Smartphone sway between iPhone and Android devices, both of which contribute to the much traffic to ecommerce sites. Furthermore, it also shows the various shopping activities of the mobile users.

Courtesy: hubspot

Websites that are made for customizing in mobiles are not the shrunken down versions of the standard website. Instead, they are made purposefully for small screens. Our ColdFusion technology can help in rearranging the basic navigation and content in your website.

A good mobile friendly website should be simple to navigate, quick, have big buttons, easy to read and compile key information. Moreover, the websites optimized for mobiles take added advantage of the natural potentials of mobile devices. Features that are embedded for mobile friendly sites like maps, click to call and location information help customers connect to your business, by driving more traffic to your stores.

Small businesses are very keen in optimizing their sites, using mobile devices and social media sites to boost their e-commerce marketing.

According to a recent survey made on 3,000 small to medium business owners, by Infomobile, an Asian based survey company at Hongkong, it was studied that these are fast adopting the efficient use of social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more besides mobile technology to offer their businesses quick online exposure.

How to Make your Website Mobile Friendly?

There are relatively easy ways for a mobile friendly website, many of which can cost very little.

ITLANDMARK ColdFusion technology and programming has strongly transformed many websites into mobile friendly that helped them reach heights in their businesses.

Some well researched mobile statistics show that nearly 33% of US consumers do their online shopping through mobile devices and 84% job seekers like to have mobile friendly websites for easy job search. We completely understand the drawbacks of mobile devices with your website and scale the functioning as needed.

The average order value for Smartphones is just 5% less than desktops or laptops. Moreover, the U.S consumers spend nearly 1 of their every 10 e-commerce dollars using mobiles. Keeping this in mind, the online business owners should consider the strategies that attract and engage users on Smartphones, ultimately converting them in to traffic.

We could make your website mobile friendly. Contact US for a quote..

Courtesy: hubspot

Making mobile friendly website sometimes may require scaling down the functional design to an essential level. It can involve replacing images with text or removing JavaScript or many more. Our savvy team of designers and programmers strives hard for creating cutting edge e-commerce website for your targeted mobile users.

By making a small investment on your website to turn it mobile friendly, you can be better equipped to meet you customers’ needs, capture their thoughts and convert that into a sale.

Our ColdFusion 10, the rich version of ColdFusion, lets you adopt HTML5 markup language through its feature set even with zero knowledge of this marker language. This version focuses on ease of productivity, use and security.

You can Contact US for our quality based services. We assure you that you will be offered the best services in mobilizing your website and making your businesses reach heights.

Is Your Website Slow and Need a Performance Upgrade

Website performance is a highly significant topic, so high that the big companies are being obsessed by it. For top companies like Google, Yahoo, eBay and Amazon, slow websites are directly proportionate to less happy users; obviously fewer users and thus lost reputation and revenue. Are you facing the same problem with your website? Is your website slow and need a performance upgrade?

Web page speed and its performance are very important to the user. If your business site is very slow in loading, you may not only lose visitors, but also promising customers. Search engines take a website’s speed also into account in rankings. Therefore while optimizing your site; you need to be well aware of your site’s speed.

website upgrade

Is website updating necessary?

If your website is an old one and have not been updated for a while, it might not get the attention it requires, and looks pale and not as unique as it used to be. Only there would be a rush of enthusiasm in the initial stages, but it depreciates slowly.

A website is an incredible tool to market your product worldwide, or to communicate your information. An effective website is the product of ample planning, development and supplies. Once you made an investment in your site and it starts running, there is still a bigger job ahead to keep it updated and protected.

Regardless of the money or time you put in for the designing and hosting, if you disregard your website, it is going to surely give you very less benefits. The success only lies in the amount of maintenance and attention you give to the site.

Need a Performance Upgrade?

If you need a performance upgrade to your website or in an idea of what all to include in, then why not fill our contact form below. We, at ITLANDMARK, offer expert ColdFusion services to various clients in application development, modernization, application maintenance and migration.

traffic language distributi

The above graph shows the market positions in regard to traffic and popularity of the 5 popular programming languages. The lower right hand side technology though used by many sites has average traffic rank. However, the upper right hand side technology has high traffic rank although used by fewer sites.

A website needs a regular review and updating to meet this fast growing competition in the web world. And you can obtain by reaching our ColdFusion services.

What Technology do we use?

We are complete web solutions for businesses requirements such as ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET application developments. Our preferred choice and the one we usually tend to recommend is ColdFusion.

ColdFusion is an economic, enterprise level and an application server product from Adobe. It is designed for high availability, rapid application development platform for website applications. This means that your website running on an economic platform can be easily scaled based on the increasing number of users. It moreover keeps the development time to the minimum, keeping the costs and timescales down.

At ITLANDMARK, using ColdFusion web development technology, we take care of your low performing website and maintain it by adding, removing, redesigned the pages and images, managing the website content, managing database, improving speed of the website, revising product and pricing structure according to strategic marketing, securing the site by establishing security holes, and many more services.

Here, we would offer the recent version ColdFusion 10 technology which allows creating the web applications that are mobile functional, more interactive, enhanced and dynamic. This brand new version provides multiple features with support of HTML5 marker language.