Windows Server 2012 Support for ColdFusion 10 and its Features

Windows Server 2012 ColdFusion 10

ColdFusion 10, a well-known web development platform from Adobe is now successfully supported by Windows server 2012. For those of you who would like to flourishingly install ColdFuion10 on new updated platform such as Windows Server 2012, this guide will educate on the installation process and the versatile features delivered by server 2012 platform support for CF 10.

Your ColdFusion website wouldn’t be complete without updating the site using new platform support. The ColdFusion 10 windows installers are now can steer to download the retail and licensed customer copy. To get information, review the following:

  • Feature a mandatory update of CF 10
  • Feature JRE 1.7 update 15
  • Support Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8
  • Support IISD

The ColdFusion Builder 2.0.1 installers can also update the website to get the support for Microsoft Windows 8. Well, in both cases CF 10 update 8 need to be put into an application with the newest CF 10 Windows installers.

The following info explains you the server update section and installation
As we know the CF 10 Windows installer include JRE 1.7 update 15, you can simply ignore the steps of external Java Development Kit (JDK) into your application as it comes with inbuilt Java application. However, if you want to upgrade your existing JDK to next higher update level, you may have to configure the new updated steps.

Significant points to consider before the installation
All the users of Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8 and Windows 7 shall use this option only – “Run as Administrator”.

If you would want to give an update, make sure you install it from the command-line option or using the Administrator of a CF instance.

If you are a Windows user and would like to launch CF Administrator then follow the below instructions:

Start > All Programs > Adobe > CF 10 > Administrator
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HTML5 Features in ColdFusion 10 Allows Customized Charts to Depict Data

html5 cfm

HTML5 client-side charting in ColdFusion 10
The popular web development platform from Adobe, ColdFusion 10 is not taking a nap on its laurels. It has come with a ton of powerful features readily available to use with HTML 5. The ColdFusion 10′s HTML5 advanced features surely make your web experience better and richer than ever before. Here we gathered a few highly important features of ColdFusion 10 and its HTML5 support – a big addition to the newest version of CF 10.

Types of interactive charting
Adobe boasts the capability of delving client-side charting and collectively gives its users to dynamically access and re-rendering of real-time data. Developing the first server-side solutions to help give users access to the most powerful HTML5 applications, the CF 10 successfully delivers richer charts. There are 3 types of charts where users can bring dynamic and customizable imagery chart to viewing the massive data – Basic chart, 3D chart and Flash chart.

As mentioned earlier, the Adobe’s CF 10 promises to provide wide range of Chart features, here are two most versatile custom JSON styles in charts.

  1. Zoomable chart
  2. Dynamic chart

Cf 10 provides certain default chart styles, you can anyways re-render or override the basic styles by customizing the attributes withing the tag.

Amazon Brings S3 – Perfect for Massive Data Storage on a ColdFusion Website

Source -

Source –

Amazon has taken another big step towards in providing a virtual data storage option for retrieving any amount of data on a ColdFusion website with the launch of Amazon S3. S3 is an abbreviation for Simple Storage Solution, as the name suggests, this web service acts as the real-time space for storing large amounts of large files and access to it at anytime from anywhere on the web.

Offering flexible service and reliable pricing option, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) charges a very less fee — this cost varies based on an S3 bucket location — a choice time to find the perfect storage service for your website. Fastening its advanced turn, the Amazon has announced facility to upload gigabytes worth of videos, audios or image files of your website on the web at ridiculously affordable prices.

Source - Amazon S3

Source – Amazon S3

For those of CF developers, who have been on the fence as to choose which web-scale computing will be much easier and affordable, Amazon AWS is going to be a lot more attractive service than any other. The AWS SDK offered for various platforms will help CF developers to easily get started. However, the SDK for Java API can also be used for various platforms by instantiating the Java object. Want to leverage your site’s storage capacity using the Amazon’s go-between web service — S3? Don’t worry there are plenty of ways to do so, such as instantiating the required aspects using the objects and methods available in the AWS SDK for Java.

The AWS allows to transfer more sensitive workloads into the cloud — all you just need to do is address your compliance and regulatory requirements. Whether your website is static or dynamic, storing your data safe only matters at the end. So based on the sustained success and features of the S3 — you’re sure to enjoy an inexpensive content delivery network and other enthusiastic features as they offer secured service.

In addition to their exciting service Amazon S3, the Amazon web service is offering a free tier service plan for a period of one month and later the fee is automatically applied to the regular bill. To know more about the storage and bandwidth size that a tire cover, browse their main website.

Have some query or need help with integrating this AWS into your CF website? Call us.

Shipping Rates Calculator – Should you go with Real time Shipping Costs or Downloaded Rates Chart

shipping main

Looking to set a desired profit while making your online business a bit easier? Then look no further than creating and managing the flawless shipping cost program, remember shipping cost can hit or miss your business. So estimating the rate of shipping charges is a vital part of running a successful e-commerce business.

It requires attention and careful analysis of several factors while calculating the shipping rate to charge customers. For example, when a user makes purchases from your store, you must be able to find your customer’ location, the amount of shipping to be added, shipment methods and the preferred shippers.

As an e-commerce based company owner, finding the right way to calculate shipping rate – perhaps through real-time approach or rate chart helps you balance your business budget – this is sure going to be an intelligent and interesting move for your business. However, this may raise notable questions. Well lets see what all the possible ways can an e-commerce business use to calculate the shipping costs without the hassle of competing for a cream of market space.

There are surplus Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and much more to assist you in streamlining the process of shipments, managing both price and reliability of the service. Whatever your business is – small or big, you should select shipping API with guaranteeing delivery date irrespective of the circumstances.

A question may pop up in your mind – whether to rely on real-time API that provides updated shipping rates or rates chart that presents fixed rates to take your business to the next level. This article will explain you — how shipping rate calculators make it easy for e-commerce entrepreneurs to find right shipping details – what to choose between real-time shipping calculator and rates chart calculator.

What should a business look for while conducting e-commerce with gateway option?
Selling online is the most lucrative business as it makes easy for merchants to create and maintain internet business all over the world. But the following are a few factors that an e-commerce website owner should look at:

  • Getting a rate quote for shipping
  • Visiting respective account of your shipping company
  • Selecting appropriate options, prices or facilities provided
  • Viewing shipment density
  • Tracking and confirming delivery information
  • Verifying address information etc.

Well, the above responsibilities shouldn’t seem to be a hassle-job for you. Collaborating innovation with right solution to make you run successful e-commerce site in a hassle-free way starts here — @ ITLandmark. We allow you to integrate flexible shipping APIs into your e-commerce website or any application in minutes! Contact us.

Real-time shipping Calculator API
There are plenty of API shipping methods available from one of the most popular shipping service – United States Postal Service (USPS) alone to integrate a variety of web tools into your e-commerce site. Likewise, you can also integrate various API’s from other shipping companies that perfectly match your business requirements. However, most shipping APIs have the common features. Let’s see a few.

1. Calculates mailing cost
Real-time rate calculation — shipping API is available to calculate both domestic and international ratings. Depending on the source and destination information, a real-time shipping API allows website owners to estimate the total shipping cost so that online users who wish to make online purchase will be able to get the mailing cost before they commit to an order.

2. Estimate pricing
After you enter all the required details in your account, the total estimation of the charges may be higher or lower, the price varies depending on several factors — seasonal time, change in shipping companies’ rate per package weight, discounts offered and destination. So whatever such alterations may be added to the program, when users hit the ordering system (API), an updated estimation of price is generated.

3. Shipment tracking
APIs incorporated with the GPRS facility provides tracking visibility of your shipping package right from the origin to the destination address. This advanced features ensure carrier delivery scan.

Rates chart shipping API
The important task of running an online business is making sure your shipments are delivered to your customers on time. If this is not happening, you can lose your time, money and most importantly business sales as any delay in estimating shipping cost can blow your customer’s stack. So before making further complications, a business need to keep back-up source of rates chart that estimates near-real-time shipping costs.

Hope, you understand the need for shipping API integration into your website along with a scalable backup solution i.e. rates chart database to be used in case an existing API system fails.

Want to know how to integrate both applications or have difficulty in creating and maintaining shipping solution in the website during busier times? Do call us – we offer complete integration of advanced features plus easily-accessible customized option to estimate shipping rates matching to your shipping needs!

Pinterest for E-commerce – Best Way to Leverage your Sales

Pinterest Ecommerce

When looking to head today’s global market, do not blindly follow the tactics that have been long-used or said to enhance your sales, instead be practical and genuinely select the right revenue generating methods for your e-commerce business. A simple idea yet most outdated business lack in – failure in converting Pinterest traffic to e-commerce sales.

In the last 6 months, this social site has quickly evolved to be very hot by growing its user-base about 50% of a large number of active users. Businesses’ today are using Pinterest as one of the most revenue generating social platform – Pinterest users are not just pinning or re-pinning the pictures, but they are purchasing them.

So if your e-commerce business lacks the ability to drive Pinterest traffic into conversions then there will be no space in this competitive market. Should e- commerce business and any digital company unlock the benefits of Pinterest? Obviously the answer is YES. Let’s see how.

Capitalize on the potential of Pinterest
Pinterest, very popular for images is an extremely powerful social site that can leverage business sales drastically, but a huge number of digital marketers or online businesses are not taking advantage of this potential channel. If you haven’t started using this channel, hurry up and implement today.

By simply targeting on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to drive Google’s ad revenue exponentially is not a good idea as it involves huge budget and is a time-consuming process. You need to understand the demand for creating a user-friendly website integrating with most authoritative channel – Pinterest. This channel is becoming nowhere less to Google PLAs program with the introduction of the Rich Pins program a few months back. This is an innovative way to let advertisers include product price and available info about it.

In addition to it, online business or e-commerce company can exploit another feature of Pinterest i.e. Product translation (this analytics package features an option to view how users are interacting with pins).

Why increasing the Pinterest revenue is crucial?
The answer is very simple: Pinning all the products help in maximizing your business conversion rate and attract a great number of buy mode customers. So to capitalize on this Rich Pin program simply format your e-commerce site using the Pinterest validation tool. How to format product using Pinterest? It is very easy – try using one of these two below mentioned methods: Semantic Markup and oEmbed.

How-to format your product description effectively?
A proper formatting of the product is vital else the product image gets rejected by Pinterest. Another option to get your product listed on the top – match both category and sub-category with your brand board.

First, ensure that you pin your own products, but this shouldn’t be a mass product pinning. However, sharing other’s quality information which could be useful to your user base can be very beneficial for your e-commerce business.

Next, be sure to post related images in your Pinterest account as search engines and social media users won’t entertain mass amount of products or spammed data.

Finally, based on the potential revenue prioritize your product image and upload them on to this channel accordingly, this is one great way to pin a product while being able to leverage your business revenue.

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